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Beauty & Budget: The beautiful rest houses of Himachal Pradesh

Sometimes, after crossing lines of hotels and chaotic shopping outlets in Himachal Pradesh, you come across a vintage looking building that stands against the panoramic beauty of the Himalayas! Most likely, they are rest houses. These rest houses are more popularly located in sublime, remote areas of important towns, which offer accommodation facilities to government […]

Rajasthan’s own conservationists: The Bishnoi Community

The Bishnoi village, an offbeat destination near Jodhpur, Rajasthan is a world on its own. Bishnois have an entire ecosystem where they coexist with each other, living in harmony with nature while pulling off their respective businesses.

Tips for cheaper, better & sustainable travel

How do I travel without burning a hole in my pocket? More so, how do I travel responsibly? Earlier, the entire idea of travelling was a big deal for me. Unlike now, travelling wouldn’t come naturally. It would mean days of conscious prepping, a lot of time spent losing my mind over irrelevant questions and […]

Don’t rush through, take it slow

“Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.” If there’s something I’ve learnt by years of travelling across India, it’s the art of living one moment at a time. Whenever you plan out your travels, I am sure that most of you list down the top things to do. In fact, thanks to the […]