Climate Change

Ever since I started being vocal about climate change, I have realised that it also involves an uphill climb against a massive politically inclined set of people who negate the seriousness of climate change threat. All they want to talk about is how climate change is a natural phenomenon that has existed since time immemorial, and it doesn’t necessarily need our attention. They talk about how climate organizations are mostly politically funded and how climate ‘crusaders’ talk without reason and rationality.⁣

As far as reacting to the storming opposing comments is concerned, I’ve decided to be numb about them. My intention behind joining a climate change course and being vocal results from a deep concern for the environment. I, in no way, want to taint my interest with political fervour. ⁣I will keep talking about climate change as much as I can, and I solely believe that we, as individuals can move ahead towards a collective consciousness and do something good.⁣

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